SDASM@TUKS is made up of a vibrant group of young and talented individuals. As a result, we can all relate to each other in realistic ways.
Here at SDASM@TUKS we like to keep things real so expect to get realistic conversations that are relevant to life today.
We do not always get it right but most of the time we serve amazing food. With a menu that is ever changing SDASM@TUKS has got to have the most diverse menu out there.
SDASM@TUKS is known to be one of the most time conscious churches out there so do not worry we will not keep you hostage.


SDASM@TUKS is made up of a wide variety of people that come from a wide variety of places. This adds to the richness of the experience.


SDASM@TUKS is all about being realistic with each other. We understand that we are all going through different challenges and that the only way to solve them is by being realistic about them.

Food Menu

We all love food right? SDASM@TUKS has a group system that consists of groups made up of unique individuals with different skill sets. As a result you can expect different styles of meals each week.


No one like to be held hostage right? We at SDASM@TUKS are known for our time keeping. This is to make sure that all programs start and end in good time.