• Ofentse (MUSIC DAY 07-05-16)

    You’ll probably recognize her voice from the group Project 23. This is her solo. Clearly a gifted singer. She was kind enough to come and sing for us during our music day. Let us know if you’d like her to come sing for you so we can help you reach her.

  • Project 23 Playlist (MUSIC DAY 07-05-16)

    They call themselves Project 23. Such a beautiful trio of ladies and their music talent is obvious. In case you’re wondering, the lady on the solo goes by the name Ofentse. Let us know if you want to reach out to them.

  • Proud’s Solo Playlist (MUSIC DAY 07-05-16)

    Another talented musician. His name is Proud and he was kind enough to share his talent with us on our music day. Better yet, he got us to sing with him. Such selflessness. We can reach him if you want to invite him to sing for you so let us know so we can help.

  • Prosper Tendere Solo Playlist (SDASM@TUKS MUSIC 07-05-16)

    The talented Prosper Tendere singing at a SDASM@TUKS music day. He is available for bookings so let us know if you want to book him so we can connect you.


    The Summer of 2016… SDASM@TUKS Camp 2016.

  • Lindo- Amazing Grace

    The song “Amazing Grace” sung by our sister Lindo.